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About Green Logistics

Green Logistics is a privately-owned, asset-based trucking company specializing in dedicated freight programs, intermodal and port-to-port drayage, and yard switching services.

We work closely with each company to design and develop logistical solutions to fit their respective needs.

Our hands-on approach allows us to build sustainable results for our clients to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and provide superior service to their end customers.

Green Logistics currently operates thirty-eight (38) day cab tractors in the following states: Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, and Delaware. We utilize both day and evening drivers to meet the service needs of our clients. Heavy permits are obtained in all states we transport export containers to allow customers to maximize loaded weights for container shipments.

Our commitment to excellence and operating in a safe and efficient manner is evident in our growth and overall safety rating.


  • At Green Logistics, our most valued assets are our people. Our most valued principle is an uncompromised commitment to the health and safety of those people.
  • Green Logistics maintains safety at the forefront of our business with daily safety huddles, required online safety training, and quarterly safety bonus for all employees.
  • Green Logistics current ISS Score is 34, something we work hard on every day through our safety process and procedures.
  • Driven over 9,000,000 miles with ZERO DOT Reportable accidents.

  • July 2020: Even through the challenges of 2020 Green Logistics was able to grow. In July 2020, we began a 24/7/365 Switching service for a large US Tissue mill. In the fourth quarter we began drayage operations for the VA Ports out of Richmond, VA.
  • 2019: Green Logistics began port drayage services in the New Jersey Ports, as well as terminals in Philadelphia. The operations began with two trucks and now there are eight (8)
  • January 2018: Green Logistics expanded into the northeast after National Paper Recycling was purchased by Recycling Management Resources, allowing Green Logistics to begin providing dedicated freight services in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and the Richmond, VA markets.
  • 2016: Green Logistics began providing dedicated freight services in Alabama. By end of 2016, Green Logistics started shipping intermodal services in the Memphis market to support Alabama operations, as well as other local Memphis customers.
  • January 2013: Green Logistics began providing intermodal services in the Atlanta market, handling over 100 containers per month and providing dedicated freight for three large facilities for one customer.
  • June 2012: Green Logistics was founded as a partnership with Recycling Management Resources to provide dedicated freight services to the five RMR recycling facilities.

Safety, Respect, and Commitment to the Job are our core values

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